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e-TDS Returns and Income Tax Returns (ITR)

It is mandatory to file the TDS Return by the assessee who has deducted the TDS. TDS returns are required to be filled quarterly along witht eh details like TAN Number, PAN Number and the TDS amount deducted and deposited

eTDS returns: TDS return in electronic format

Form to be filled for the tax deducted at the source from the salaries is FORM 24Q. Quarterly return statement should be submitted along with a signed verification in FORM No 27A which is a control chart of quarterly TDS statement. It will have a summary of TDS return contains the total amount paid and the income tax deducted at source (TDS) It is mandatory to file the retunrs quarterly, with in the specified dates given by IT Department Jedhru will help customers filling these forms and filing the retuns before the due dates and avoid the late filing penalties.

Income tax Return (ITR) filing for salaried income

It is important for every salaried employee to file the ITR every year. Based on the income tax is calculated as the percentage of the income earned during the year by tax payer. this will be includign Salary, rental income, other sources of income. There are different slabs like 10%, 20% and 30% to calculate the tax.

At Jedhru we help employees calculating the taxable income considering all the income sources and calculate the tax liability. The entire process till the filing retun will be taen care by Jedhru

Income tax Returns