Payroll outsourcing services

Leave Management System

No more physical leave cards and struggle tracking the leave utilization and the balances.

Jedhru Leave Management system will help you cut down your manual work involved in leave administration and employee follow ups, by automatically granting the leaves as per the leave policy, tracking all the leave transactions and provide number of leave reports performing year end activities like carrying over unused leaves on to the next year.

Jedhru Leave Management System
Customizable Leave Policies

With Jedhru Leave Management you can define any number of leave types like earned leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc.

Customize leave policy based on the status of the employee like probation, confirmed and category like executive, non-executive and seniority

Setup various rules including leave grant on pro-rating basis, half-day leave, accrual calculations, Holidays setup, week end policies, leave year end processing and more

Online Leave Application
  • Employees will be able to manage their leave requests easily with web and mobile app ESS portal
  • Employees will have option to request or cancel the leave, see the status of their leave application and leave balance
  • With our mobile app, it is easy to track employee leaves from anywhere

  • Automatic email notification to managers for approvals
  • Email notification to employees on approval/rejection, will help employee know the status on real time
  • We can also setup email reminders for approvals

Leave Reports

Jedhru provide number of reports on the employee leave data. The reports that can be generated are:

  • Leave transaction reports with applied, approved, pending, canceled, rejected status
  • Leave balance as on a day for employees
  • Year wise summary report
  • Day wise leave transaction report