Why JeDhru Payroll Management
With most of our customers, we have been able to help them in streamlining their payroll process and minimize their time spent on payroll At Jedhru we understand that Payroll management is a time consuming activity. Timely delivery and accurate salary processing is must for every business. Managing your payroll while complying with statutory regulations is a real challenge without spending unreasonable amount of time, cost, software maintenance and knowledgeable resource. With the investments that Jedhru has made in People, Process and technology, it is possible to deliver accurate, qualitative and timely payroll consistently.

Benifits of Outsourcing to Jedhru
  • We have very well trained and highly capable Payroll Professionals.
  • Low Cost comparing with your current spending on payroll for each employee
  • Our Payroll professionals will ensure that Payroll is processed in time with more accuracy, month after month.
  • You need not worry about wrong payroll deduction of PF, ESI, PT, income tax. And Avoid paying hefty fines and back billing.
  • You get Pay slips, IT Statements and Year-end returns (Form-16) by mail/online
  • You get 90+ reports like salary register, all statutory reports, Leave and expense reports, MIS Reports and ad-hoc reports
  • No software to buy, no installation required. You don't need to buy servers or have trained IT manpower
  • Your Data is more secured with Daily/weekly/Monthly backups